Introductions and Salutations

The great thing about Time is that it’s linear. In my life and my career I have both enjoyed and despised that fact. At this point in the Time Continuum, I’ve been in the technical support field for more than a decade and more importantly my oldest child is about to enter her teens.  It is the later fact that has prompted this endeavor.

As our children begin their adventure towards adulthood many will spend more time on internet than they will in front of the TV.  From the article Tweens would miss web and mobes more than TV researchers found that 12-15 year-olds were using their discretionary recreational time to utilize digital media via the Internet (they were watching TV on the Web)

In the immortal words of Bob Dylan, “The times they are a-changin”. I realized that I was equiped to keep pace with my children’s technological exploration (maybe) but then I’m a geek by trade. What if your not a computer nerd? What do you do if you have to ask your 10 year-old to make your phone work on the home wireless because they set it up two years ago? Well… that’s what this blog is intended to do; help parents use technology as a tool to stay connected, relevant and ahead of the digital gap.

I hope to lend my years of technical experience and insights to give you a leg up on raising the next generation of netizens.


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