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RAID (and I don’t mean bug killers)

The demand for storage is ever increasing. There some technologies that have been in the professional realm for years that is drifting down into the consumer market. I ran across this video on youtube and thought I’d share it with all  y’all.  The core concept is how to protect your data in the event of failure.

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Buying a Mac is like being French, it’s all about the culture

For years I’ve been asked, “Which operating system is the best ?” and my response has been “Buying a Mac is like becoming French”. Here’s my perspective, every company creates products from their core belief system. IBM is server centric, Microsoft is workstation centric, and Apple is user centric.  That is to say on a IBM system the operating code, hardware and user interaction is designed to protect/favor the back end server environment. With Microsoft, the desktop is king; user security and protecting the workstation is where the administrative emphasis is placed. BUT the Mac… Apple has always been about the end  user. Ever say something bad about a Steve Jobs in front of a Mac user? It’s like burning the Bible (I’m exaggerating … a little).
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One in the hand is worth two on the Net

Let’s face it, the computer isn’t going to type itself. I know some of you believe that it has a mind of its own sometimes but at some point you’re going to want to tell the computer to do something. We geeky type call this “utilizing an input device.” Now don’t try saying that to the next tech support guy or the help desk dude at the office. He’ll just look at you funny then go back to his office an laugh at you. When I say “we geeky types call it” I mean we’d never say it out loud (we don’t like being laughed at either).

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